Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Training with Amy - Guest Post #1

My name is Cheryl and I am a Zumba instructor at National Fitness Center in Maryville.
I met Amy at a Zumba class and was happy to hear that she loved my class.
One day we were talking before class and she nonchalantly mentioned that she had lost over 130 pounds.  I never would have guessed this!  She told me how she had blogged about it and that sounded very familiar to me.
In 2010-2011 I also blogged about my weight loss journey, as I lost about 80 pounds working out diligently with a CrossFit-style trainer and calorie reduction.
Since our stories seemed similar (except that she was more successful), I had to start reading her blog.  The first post I read was about how she was discouraged because she hadn't lost weight one month.  I started to ask her about her exercise routine and if she had done much weight training.  I love doing CrossFit-style workouts and weight lifting and have been doing them on and off for over a decade.  I have also longed for a workout partner; someone who is serious and consistent.  Anyway, we decided to do some workouts together.  I would show her what I know and we would do this together.  I still have 50 pounds to lose myself.

This month we have been working out two days per week together.  One day we do free weights and one day we do "Cheryl's CrossFit."  We have never missed a week and keep each other motivated.
When I first told Amy we would be doing free weights and meet in the weight room, her reply was, "In the men's area?"  I laughed.  It is not the men's area; it is the weight-lifting section of the gym.  I was super proud of her when she left the geriatric air machines and started using a barbell and dumbbells.   Our workouts last about 75-90 minutes and are fairly intense, especially the CrossFit days.
The first day I thought that Amy might pass out or vomit.  I advised her to bring something like a Starburst candy to replenish her sugars so she doesn't get light-headed.  Working out with her has been awesome!  She is committed and rarely says "can't."  When she does, I reply with, "Can't lives on won't street."

I am hoping that by gaining muscle and increasing our metabolism we can both change our physique and get to our goals.  For a closer look at what our workouts look like, check out my upcoming posts, Girls can lift free weights? and What is CrossFit?

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