Thursday, March 27, 2014

30 Week Pregnancy Update and Baby Bump Pictures

Hey, Loves!

Brady is now the size of a cucumber and is around 15.2-16.7 inches long and weighs around 2.5-3.8 lbs. I can't believe that I only have 10 weeks left (give or take a little) before I get to hold him in my arms! He's still been super active and is definitely getting stronger day by day. My belly totally looks like a waterbed when he's moving. It's awesome!

My back is starting to really ache but I'm thankful that I have a husband who rubs it for me every night. My sleep is also starting to not be so great because of having to sleep on my side (I'm so not a side sleeper). I wake up throughout the night with my shoulders and hips hurting. Oh, and I'm peeing all the time again, which is fun. :-P Still no weird cravings.

I have Brady's nursery pretty much done, except for a couple more things. I love it! I'll post pictures sometime next month when it's completely finished.

For those of you wondering about my birth plan and such ... I've been going to a midwife birthing center in Knoxville for all of my appointments; I love it and they are great there. I plan on having a natural water birth. Also, I plan on breastfeeding (I'm actually going to my breastfeeding class tonight).

Are you as excited about spring as I am? Our forecast says we'll be in the 60s and 70s the next 10 days (PERFECT for long walks with my boys, which I've been doing a ton of). I love this time of year! Flowers blooming, the smell of fresh flowers in the air, trees budding, birds singing, butterflies flying, sun shining, etc. It's great! Not to mention, my precious baby boy will be born this season! :-D

Here are my baby bump pictures for the month. I'm definitely starting to feel 'fat' again. It's hard looking in the mirror and seeing myself gain weight all over my body, especially after having just lost it all (and only being three pounds from my goal weight when I got pregnant) but all I can do is try to continue to eat right and keep on exercising. I wouldn't trade the weight gain for anything though; the payoff is well worth it. I know that I'll get it off gradually after he's born, just like I did the first time, by God's grace. 

Beautiful spring blessings!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

TN Baby Shower & 8-Year Wedding Anniversary

Hey, guys!

Yesterday was my baby shower here in TN. My friend, Tina, hosted it at her house and my friend, Cheryl, made the cake (she did an awesome job!), planned the games and such. It was owl-themed and I loved all of the cute owl decorations. We played guess the mashed-up chocolate candies in the diapers game (fun and gross at the same time) and try to get as many babies out of the container of beans game without looking (I totally won! :-D). I got some really nice and adorable gifts. It was a great shower and I had a great time; thanks again to everyone who came! I'll put a few pictures below. You can see the rest here.


In other news, Brad and I went out after my shower to celebrate our 8-year wedding anniversary, which isn't until tomorrow. We went to Red Lobster and to see the movie, Divergent, which we really enjoyed. I'm so thankful to God for blessing me with such an amazing husband and father (he's been an amazing dad to Oopsie and I know he'll be the same to Brady). This is a bad picture of the two of us from yesterday in the Red Lobster parking lot but it will have to do. :-P

Until next time,