Thursday, March 14, 2013

Commercial & Billboard

Hey, guys!
Yesterday was the first commercial shoot for NFC and I think it went great! The other fitness models were beautiful, as expected, and super nice, too.
Jacob said that the commerical will be about 30 seconds long and he hopes to have it start running by the end of the month. It was really fun to watch and be a part of making a commerical. You have to shoot hours of video just for 30 seconds of usable footage. Anyways, I'll share it with you guys when I see it. :)
Jacob also told me that for my 'Nike-style' commercial that I'll be doing fitness stuff outside and then going to a studio to do a voiceover, which makes me feel much better because I'm much better at reading into a microphone than I am talking to a camera. Lol.
My new friend and workout partner, Cheryl, was in Knoxville the other day and snapped a picture on her cell of the digtal billboard I'm on. Here it is ...

Have a great weekend!


  1. Years ago when you snapped that picture of you with the gorilla you probably never could have imagined it would be your "before" picture up on a billboard.

    As the saying goes... you no longer "have a monkey on your back."

    Congratulations on your victory!
    ~ Corena