Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chelse's Visit

Disclaimer: The picture below is not the greatest of Chelse or me but it will have to do. :)

Hey, everyone!

For those of you who didn't read my last blog, I'll fill you in on Chelse. Chelse is a lovely girl who found me on Blogger and contacted me about my weight loss. She wanted to know all about what I've done to lose the weight and I told her to just call me. We hit it off on the phone and decided that she should come visit; she lives three hours away in Kentucky. She came to visit on Sunday afternoon and left this morning. We had a great time together.

We went to the gym all three days that she was here. She wanted me to be her 'personal trainer' and push her harder than she's ever been pushed and I think it's safe to say that I did my job and did it well. Lol.

She almost puked the first day. Haha! :) She did very well all three days; I'm proud of her. I just wanted to show her that her body is capable of more than she thinks and that when her head is saying that she can't, she can. We're going to keep in touch and, Lord willing, have more visits in the future. Please pray for her as she begins her own weight-loss journey.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Random Ramblings

Hey, guys!

Brad and I got back from Ohio on Thursday evening. We had really bad weather pretty much the whole way home. I'm talking like we couldn't even see the road because it was raining so hard weather. Plus, we got some hail. Thank God it didn't damage our car. Right before we turned onto our street, tree branches started smashing against our car window. The 70 MPH wind gusts just came out of nowhere. We couldn't believe our window didn't break! Literally, as soon as I walked inside and turned on the living room light, the power went off and I heard a transformer blow. We unpacked with a flashlight and then went to the gym and showered and brushed our teeth around 10:00. Our power came back on around 1:30 AM and I am SO thankful because it's been super hot.

We had a great time visiting family. Everyone was shocked when they saw me and told me how great I look, which was a great feeling.

Oh, I went to Cedar Point twice; it was awesome! The heat, however, was not. It was 100 degrees! I have never sweat so much outside of a gym in my life. I rode the world's tallest roller coaster twice. They have some pretty darn awesome coasters and rides.

My birthday was great! My mother-in-law, Sandy, had a cookout at her house and some family came out. She got me a beautiful pair of 14k gold genuine diamond heart earrings that are a little over one-half carat each. I've wanted a pair ever since I got my wedding ring (it's a diamond heart, as well). I absolutely love them! Speaking of my wedding ring, I miss wearing it so much. It's huge on me and I don't want to get it resized until I'm around my goal weight. *Sigh* In time, in time.

Here are pictures on Facebook from my trip: Ohio Trip, June '12

In other news, I met an amazing girl named Chelse who found me on Blogger; she lives in Kentucky. We talked on the phone before I left for Ohio and hit it off right away. She's such a sweetie! She's coming to visit tomorrow and staying until Wednesday morning (she only lives three hours away). She's starting her own weight-loss journey. So, she wants me to show her what I do, how I eat and to be her 'personal trainer' at the gym. I can't wait! :-D I feel so blessed to be able to help others. It brings me so much joy!

I'll blog about my visit with Chelse when she leaves and fill everyone in on how it went. :)