Sunday, October 5, 2014

Brady's Four Month Update

Hey, guys!

My little monkey is four months old today. He weighs 15 lbs 13 oz and is 25.75 inches long. He's growing like a weed! 

He fits great in his Johnny Jump Up now and has a blast jumping and spinning around.

He's really ticklish.

He rolled for the first time on Monday and has been doing it ever since. Brad and I BOTH missed his first roll. I told Brad "I'm going to go shower but Brady needs some tummy time for a bit." And then I told Brady, "You'd better not roll for the first time while Momma is in the shower." This was one of the only times I had him do tummy time without me watching because I wanted to see that first roll. Sure enough, Brad comes walking in the bathroom and tells me that he was doing something on the computer and he looked behind him and Brady had rolled. Figures! That little stinker. Lol.

He's had two little teeth nubs on the bottom for a couple of months that are definitely getting bigger. He's definitely teething and is a total drool bucket. I'm so excited to see those two little teeth pop through. As if he wasn't cute enough already, those two teeth will put him over the top. :-D

He officially loves his paci and it's pretty much a must-have for him to fall asleep. Speaking of sleep, we're transitioning him off the swaddle. We bought him a Zipadee-Zip. It doesn't work for him like we hoped it would but it is making it a much easier transition than having nothing at all would. He's been sleeping for longer stretches this past month and even went 8.5 hours one time. His first stretch of sleep at night lasts for an average of 5-7 hours, then he eats and falls back asleep for another 3-4 hours. A lot of it isn't really restful sleep yet though because of his arms still constantly moving.

He can hold and drink some water from a sippy cup now. He has also started eating a little bit of solid food. Momma's milk is still his favorite, though! :)

He puts one foot in front of the other like he's trying to walk when we stand him up and 'walk him' and he can almost sit up by himself.

He absolutely loves Oopsie and his face lights up whenever he sees him. Oopsie also really loves Brady, which is an answered prayer.

Here are Brady's four months pictures (he never stops moving these days):