Thursday, August 7, 2014

Brady's Two Month Update

Hey, everyone!

Brady is two months old and I just can't get enough of him! He is my total joy.  He weighs 12 lbs 7 oz now and is 22 inches long. Yet again, I'm late in posting. I realized Tuesday night that he turned two months ... I was thinking it was today. I wouldn't have been able to post anyway because I've been so busy. My baby comes first. :)

He has changed so much in just one month. His personality is really starting to show and I LOVE it! I seriously can hardly even handle the cuteness. He smiles and coos all the time now and is trying really hard to giggle. He's almost ready to roll over. He officially has the nickname "Monkey"; we hardly ever call him Brady. He got that name because he reminded us so much of a baby monkey when he was born and he still does. We love our little monkey! Lol.

We got his newborn pictures taken when he was 13 days old. I made the album public on Facebook so all of you who aren't friends with me can see it. Click here to see them. (Warning: extreme cuteness awaits you!) Like I said last month, I post pictures all the time on Facebook of him, so if you want to see them, just add me. :) I don't really blog much anymore because, like I said, I'm so busy, so adding me would be a good way to keep in touch as well.

He's still sleeping about the same as last month, which is really hard, but I know it will get better. He pretty much always has to be swaddled tightly to sleep because his arms go crazy and wake him up (Brad refers to it as "the jimmy arms" -- Seinfeld fans will get it). I'm hoping he'll grow out of that soon because I'd like to put him in his crib more (we put him in there now with blankets rolled up on each side of him, just in case he decided to roll) but once he's able to roll, he won't be able to go in there, if he's swaddled.

His like are:
Bath time and being in the water (He's a total water baby!)
Cuddling/being held/being swaddled
Having his head and face caressed
Getting burped or having his back beaten
Being bounced, rocked or carried around
Music and being sung to
Being talked to
Putting his hands in his mouth
Playing with his tongue
Trying to stand up and trying to roll
Having his lips played with
Being tickled
Going new places and seeing new things
Cooing and smiling

His dislikes are:
Loud, sudden noises

Here are Brady's two month pictures:

Much love,