Saturday, March 31, 2012

Monthly Weight Loss With Pictures *Over 100 lbs lost!*

Hey, everyone!

I lost exactly 7 lbs this month, which brings me to a grand total of 100.4 lbs lost so far! I decided it's about time I tell you all my weight. I know a lot of you are wanting to know. My starting weight was *cringes* 297, which puts me at 196.6 right now (I haven't been in the 100s since I was around 13 or 14).

I know some of you are probably thinking that's still really fat. I, however, am VERY proud of that number. I worked hard for every single pound that I've lost so far and will continue to do so until I hit my goal weight (which I hope to be at by October/November). Speaking of, I think my goal weight is going to be 165. So, I only have 31.6 more lbs to go. Yippie! According to the body fat tests I've taken at the gym, 165 would put me at a perfect body fat due to how much muscle I have. When I hit 165, I might decide that I want to lose more, depending on how I look and feel but for right now, that's my goal.

At my heaviest, I wore a size 26 jeans and a 2x shirt. Shirt-wise now, I'm averaging a medium or large. The bathing suit I got this year was a 12/14 (last year it was a 3x). I got two pairs of pjs the other day at Walmart and they are a size small. (Their pjs must run really big. I'd be an XXS by the time I get down to my goal, according to that. Haha!) I wish they would make women's clothes like men's and go by measurements and not by what the certain company considers a medium, large, 14, 16 or whatever.

As for pants, I'm currently wearing a size 16 but they are big on me. I'll need to move down to a 14 soon because I hate wearing loose clothing but I'm trying to get as much use as I can out of the few clothes I have. I just started wearing my current jeans a couple of weeks before I left for Florida. My closet is so sad-looking because I try not to keep many clothes on-hand because I grow out of them so fast. This constant buy/donate process gets expensive! Like I've said in previous blogs, I can't wait to actually buy clothes when I get down to my goal weight and know that I can keep them as long as I want; that will be great! :-D

I'm still in awe that I've lost over 100 lbs. I couldn't do it without the grace of God.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me and speaking kind words of motivation to me through my journey. You are such a blessing!

I've been told by many friends and family that I am an inspiration to them and that if I can do it, so can they and that is SO true! I feel honored to be an inspiration and I am here for any of you.

As always, please continue to pray for me.

Here's my one pair of fat pants that I kept. OH MY! 

PS: I'm going to take pictures of me in my fat pants again when I hit my goal weight.

Much love,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Six-Year Wedding Anniversary

Brad and I have been married for six years today. I can hardly believe how fast time goes by. I'm so thankful to God for bringing us together. I'm so blessed to be his wife. I love him so very much.

So, about today ... Brad made me the cutest card ever! I love handmade cards. We're going out to Red Lobster for dinner (we had our first date there and go there every year for our anniversary) and then we're going to see The Hunger Games.

The two things he got me for our anniversary couldn't be done today. We're going on a riverboat dinner cruise on the TN River next Saturday and we're taking a two-hour sushi-making class on the 14th of April. Brad doesn't even like sushi (it's my favorite food ever) so I thought that was really sweet; I'm looking forward to it. Brad got two deep tissue massage certificates that he's waiting to use until whenever he feels the need to get them. I would go with him but I couldn't take the pain. Lol.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Florida Pictures: 2011 vs. 2012

Hey, everyone!

I arrived back home from Florida yesterday afternoon. I had a great trip but am happy to be home. I really missed Brad and Oopsie and keeping in touch with everyone. I posted tons (110 to be exact) of pictures from my trip on my FB page. You can click here to see them.

When I got home, I looked at my pictures from Florida when I went this time last year versus this year. I was pretty shocked. Here are a couple comparisons ...

These pictures are such a nice reminder of how far I've come in my weight-loss journey so far. They just motivate me to keep going that much more.

PS: Ah, I just remembered I still have my winter layout up. Hopefully I'll get a new spring blog layout up this weekend.