Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Girls Can Lift Free Weights? - Guest Post #2

We have been doing full body training using a method called "training to failure."  We are working out body parts in sections:
1) Chest and triceps
2) Back and biceps
3) Legs and shoulders
Here are some of the exercises we have been doing:

1) Chest and triceps
-Flat bench press
-Incline bench press
-Decline bench press
-Triceps extension
-Triceps rope pull down
-Skull crushers

2) Back and biceps
-Upright rows
-Seated rows
-Lat pull down
-Preacher curls
-Dumbbell curls

3) Legs and shoulders
-Leg press
-Military press
-Shoulder press
-Lateral extensions

All of these exercises are done with 2-3 sets.  The first set is a warm-up set that feels comfortable and we can do 12 reps of them.  The next two sets are harder.  The goal is to get closer to 8 reps with the 8th rep being so hard to get up that you almost need help. This is why it is called training to failure because the last rep is so difficult that without help you'd fail.  Each set the weights increase to make it harder.  This type of training is used because it forces more intensity into your workouts.  It also causes your muscles to respond better in order increase muscle and make gains faster.

Having more muscle is important because this is pretty much the only way that you can really increase your metabolism.  We have all heard that the more muscle you have, the more fat your burn.  This is true.  The more muscle you have, the hotter your metabolism runs.  There are lots of reasons why women should do resistance training though.  Here are just a few.
So, I challenge you!  Get out of the women's area, get out of the geriatric area, get off of the machines and lift some free weights!

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