Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seven-Year Wedding Anniversary

Hey, everyone!
I can't believe that as of today Brad and I have been married for seven years!
Oopsie looks like he's being tortured. Lol! He was really happy -- honest!
We actually celebrated yesterday. Brad bought me a sweet and funny card that was totally us and these beautiful (well, they're not beautiful yet. Haha!) long life tulips. They are supposed to have a long life; we shall see!
We went out to dinner at Brazeiros Brazilian Steakhouse; it was A-MA-ZING! :-D
Then we went bowling. Neither one of us did great but Brad whooped me ... as always.
For our anniversary, Brad got me this beautiful 14k white gold necklace with genuine stones. It means so much to me because it's our family's birthstones. Brad's birthstone is on the top, mine is in the middle and Oopsie's is at the bottom. I'm so glad all of our birthstones go so well together. :) I'm still waiting for it to arrive at Kay Jewelers. I took a screenshot of it online and cropped it so you all could see it.
Also, it wasn't an anniversary gift but we finally got our wedding rings resized! I'm waiting to pick those up from Kay, too. I've missed my rings so very much! I got it a little snug because I'm still losing weight but not so snug that if my fingers don't lose anymore that it will be uncomfortable. I went from a 9 to a 6. Brad went from a 9.25 to 8.5.
We had a great day and are so thankful to God for bringing us together and for blessing us with seven wonderful years of marriage and the best little fur-child any parent could ask for!

Much love,


  1. Happy anniversary, Amy and Brad! May God bless you with many more wonderful years together!