Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We're Moving ...

That's our new rental house. We love the place we're in now but we really needed three bedrooms so that Brad could have an office since he works from home and recently just took on a lot more work. We currently only have two bedrooms and one is used as a guest room. It's only two years old and is 1200 square feet ... which is only about 50 square feet more than what we have now. So, since it's three bedrooms, they are smaller than what we have now. The only rooms I'm worried about fitting our stuff into are the master bedroom (it's going to be super tight, if our stuff even fits -- we have a king size bed) and the living room. I know our stuff will fit in the living room but it might look awkward because of the layout. We'll see. It will all work out. :)

We absolutely love the place. I'm excited about sitting outside and reading with a cup of coffee or something and just looking at the mountain views. I want to get a little table and chairs for out back and then maybe get a couple of rocking chairs or something for the front porch. I already know that the front porch will be Oopsie's sunbathing spot. All we'll have to do is put up a babygate or something so it's all blocked in when he wants to lay out. It doesn't have a fenced yard but it does have a nice little side yard he can prance around in and it's only about seven minutes or so to two of the beautiful parks here in Maryville (which is about how far we are from them now). We'll be moving in by the 15th of next month. I'll take some more outside pictures, plus the inside pictures when we get all settled in.

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  1. yeahh!! we are moving too in our new home. Hope everything will go as planed