Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Today was a hot but beautiful day. Brad and I went tubing down a river in the Smoky Mountains this morning. The water was pretty low so we had to walk in a few parts but it was still nice. Then, we came home, hung out for a bit and Brad wanted to go to Ryan's for supper, so we did. Then, we picked up Oopsie at home and went for a nice family stroll through the park. Here are a few pictures. I love my boys so much!

Oopsie was having a blast running through the grass, as always :)

 AHH! How cute is my little boy?!
He reminds me of a cute little bunny rabbit. Haha.

A few leaves are starting to fall. Not much longer until fall is here!

 My snookums

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!



  1. I am so glad there is someone else who loves their dog as much as I love mine! They are like my sons! haha some people don't get it!