Friday, August 26, 2011

It's National Dog Day!

One of my blogger friends just made me aware of the fact that it's National Dog Day. How exciting! Words can't even begin to describe how much Brad and I love our little piggy pie, Oopsie. He is our little sunshine! So, in honor of National Dog Day, I think Oopsie deserves some spotlight ... not that he doesn't get it all of the time. He's totally spoiled rotten.

Here's a little bit about Oopsie: He was born on Feburary 26, 2006 in MS. Brad and I got him as a wedding gift from my parents. So, we all started our lives together as a family. He has beautiful green eyes that will melt anyone's heart. He's always happy and full of love. He is not your typical chihuahua. He is so laid back. He hardly ever barks and he's not hyper at all. His ears don't stand up (even when they do, he shakes them down).

His favorite things to do are: sun bathe, lick noses (he can go to your brain if you let him), stretch upside down in the air, snuggle, go to parks/on walks, go for car rides, watch animals on TV. Oh, and eat and sleep.

Random facts: He snorts like a pig. He loves to burrow. He doesn't like when it's hot; he prefers the cold. He likes being the only child (we got him a brother one time and it didn't work out -- all he did was pout). He was on America's Funniest Home Videos where they played about a 30 second clip of a video I filmed of him cleaning out Brad's nose (we got $200 and a t-shirt because it was featured on a grand prize episode). People always think he's a female, a puppy or both.

Oopsie's scanned puppy paw

Baby Oopsie

Baby Oopsie again :)


Oopsie, The [Mexican] American Beauty

oX Kisses Xo

Isn't he the cutest little snow bunny ever?

Oopsie and his sculpture we got made. Haha!

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