Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Everyday Make-up Look (Video)

This video didn't show the colors of my makeup that well AT ALL (very disappointing). So, here are a couple pictures ...

Also, I apologize for the zit next to my eyebrow that you have to see on and off for 8+ minutes and my crazy morning hair that I never brushed before doing this video. :-P

Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof - top eyelashes
Maybelline The Classic Volum' Express Waterproof - bottom eyelashes
Loreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner in Espresso - eyelid
Loreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner in Sage - inside eyes
Revlon Luxurious Color Antiqued Gold Liner - underneath bottom lashes
Revlon Perle Black Galaxy - put over eyelid liner
Revlon Satin Nude Slip - base eyelid color
Revlon Perle Sunlit Sparkle - below eyebrows
Clinique Glow Crazy Powder Highlighter in Gold Dust  & Clinique Strike it Rich Eyeshadow (I broke the Strike it Rich so I just dumped it into my Glow Crazy and made my own. Lol)- over base eyelid color
Sparkle that goes on top of gold is Prestige Shadow (I got it at Walgreens or CVS years ago and the name rubbed off ... any gold glittery stuff will work)

Lips:Revlon Pink Sugar - bottom layer lipstick
Revlon Procelain Pink - top layer lipstick

Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup in color 1
Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer in color 1
Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder in color 1
Maybelline Fit Me! Blush in Medium Nude

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