Monday, January 5, 2015

Brady's Seven Month Update

Hey, everyone!

Brady is seven months old today. He now weighs 17 lbs 13 oz and is 27-1/8 inches long. 

He NEVER stops moving, literally. He's always on the go, unless he's sleeping (he's definitely lived up to his nickname, "Monkey"). Changing his diaper and clothes has become a two-person job because he just wants to roll and squirm. He fights sleep like crazy, too.

This month has definitely been the month that he's changed the most. He started to crawl around 6-1/2 months and is a speed-crawler now. He loves sitting on his knees to play with his toys and can also pull himself up to a standing position when he's holding onto something like his toy box. He's really advanced for his age. I suspect it won't be too long until he's walking. He also just started picking up his finger food snacks and feeding himself.

He's toy-crazy and his toys (which he has a ton of) are always all over the place which has helped me overcome my OCD quite a bit. I care more about him having fun than how perfect and in place everything is. Not to mention, he makes a mess when he eats solids, which I actually think is quite funny. It gets slung on the floor, on me, everywhere. It's actually pretty funny. Especially when he laughs about it. Messes can always be cleaned. I do manage to still keep my house pretty spotless, though (minus the baby drool all over the floors which I'm always cleaning up). Haha! :-P

OH! He got two teeth on the bottom this month! The first one popped through on the 21st. They are SO cute! As if he wasn't cute enough already, those two teeth put him over the top! He makes this new toothy fuss-face and grin now that is hysterical. He also sucks in his lips to look like a bird beak (Brad calls them his bird lips). He is such a funny baby. I fall more in love with him and his personality every day. He's definitely not lacking in the personality department.

He also got his first haircut this month. I was trimming his bangs and around his ears (it was really long!) and then when I wasn't looking, Brad snipped a big piece off the side and totally messed up his hair and I had to try to fix it, which I couldn't because he cut it way too high up. I never even got to save his first locks. I cried like a baby. I would go get it fixed but there is no way Brady would sit still to let a stylist cut it (I had to TRY to fix it when he was sleeping on Brad's shoulder). I'll just have to live with it and wait to get it cut. It will grow back and Brad said he'd never cut it again and leave it to the professionals.

I forgot to mention last month that he gives kisses now. I say "kisses" and he grabs my face, opens his mouth wide and French kisses me. It's adorable!

He's definitely over the paci. He's now a paci-free baby. I'm glad he kicked the habit early. I heard it's a nightmare to try to wean a child from their paci when their older.

His sleep is totally unpredictable. One night he may sleep through and the next wake up four times. That's been the hardest part of raising him but as sleep-deprived as we are, we even treasure those times in the middle of the night that we get to snuggle and feed him. We realize that he'll be grown before we know what happened.


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