Friday, December 5, 2014

Brady's Six Month Update

Hey, family and friends!

Brady is six months old today. Where has half of a year gone?! I suspect time will only go faster and faster the older he gets. All the more reason to enjoy every second. 

He weighs 17 lbs 12 oz and is 27-1/16 inches long.

He's still non-stop. He can sit unassisted. He pushes up on his arms and legs and rocks back and forth, trying to crawl.

Still no teeth.

He usually only wakes once or twice in the night now. He's even gone the whole night without waking a couple of times. He's on a fairly consistent schedule now with naps and such as well.

He doesn't use his baby bathtub anymore. He sits in the bath with his bath toys and splashes around like crazy. He loves laying flat on his back in the tub.

He's still obsessed with jumping in his Johnny Jump Up and also 'driving' his walker car all around the house.

Brad and I are convinced he's the happiest baby in the world. He's always smiling and laughing. :-D

He is SOOO ticklish ... like everywhere!

He hasn't wanted his paci the last few days, so I'm not sure if he's phasing it out already or not. He'll just suck on it for a few seconds and then spit it out. Oh, well, better now than later, if that's the case.

He's pretty much stopped with the happy screams which Brad and my ears are happy about. LOL.

He eats solids like a champ now. He's a foodie like his mommy. :)

Oopsie is warming up to him more and more each day.

He's TERRIFIED of the vacuum cleaner when it's turned on. We have to take him to another room and turn on music when it's running now.

His hair is getting really long and untamable. I think it's about time for his first haircut ... which makes me really nervous. :-/


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