Wednesday, January 29, 2014

22 Week Pregnancy Update and Baby Bump Pictures

Hey, Loves!

I hope everyone is staying warm! We got three inches of snow yesterday and I was stuck in the house yesterday and again today because the roads are so bad but I'm enjoying every minute of the beautiful snow and relaxation with my boys. :)

If you haven't read my gender reveal blog that I posted earlier this month, stop and go read it now before continuing. :-D

I'm 22 weeks today! I can't believe that I'm over halfway through my pregnancy. Brady is now the size of a papaya and is around 10.5-11.8 inches long and weighs around 12.7-20.8 ounces.

I figured out that I have been feeling Brady kick and punch me since about 17 weeks. I never got the butterfly feeling or anything like that. It felt like small twitches that have gotten more and more powerful each week. My belly moves when he kicks and punches and Brad and I can both feel it very easily with our hands now. He was practicing karate moves last night when I laid down for bed. Brad was amazed at how strong his kicks and punches are already. It's such a miracle to feel! He's definitely a happy, healthy and active little boy.

I've started buying stuff which is super exciting! I've bought Brady some clothes, all of his bedding and some décor and stuff that goes along with the bedding set, a couple of books, a Jesus Loves Me singing monkey, diapers and other miscellaneous things. It's so fun! I completed my registry, which took a while. I decided to only register at Walmart to make it easy on people. Whatever I don't get, I'll buy myself. Plus, I have a list of stuff I didn't even add, like all of the furniture and things I'm not getting at Walmart. I cant wait to have his room all set up and everything ready for him. My friend's Tina and Cheryl are throwing me an owl-themed (I love owls!) baby shower on March 22nd and then my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are throwing me a shower on April 5th in Ohio. I feel so blessed! <3

Well, I definitely look pregnant now. I think my belly grew a lot since last month. This was definitely the month that I popped. It's about time since I'm in my 6th month now!

My pregnancy this month: Besides feeling Brady move around a lot and my belly getting bigger, I still don't feel pregnant. I mean, the Lord has definitely blessed me with a perfect pregnancy thus far and I pray it continues that way until the end.

Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary. I've been eating a lot of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. They've been really sweet, which is surprising since they aren't in season. I've really been wanting some watermelon and cantaloupe but that will have to wait.

... And because I'm sure a lot of you are wondering, I'm still walking for exercise and trying to eat healthy. I'm hungrier much more often now that I'm pregnant but I still try to make good/healthy choices and watch how much I'm eating.

Here are my baby bump pictures for the month. (I've had a cold this week and am snowed in with no place to go, so I'm looking a little rough today with messy hair and no makeup. Oh, well! :-P)

Warm winter blessings,


  1. Adorable!!! I had a couple owl themed showers too...I'm also an owl fanatic. I remember feeling my daughter move and I do miss that but nothing will beat the first time your baby is placed in your arms. Thanks for the updates!

    1. Thanks, Kristy! I believe it! You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoy them! :)

  2. Awwwww, love the bump! :) Feeling the baby move is the best part of pregnancy. Such a miracle, too big for words. God is so good at what he does.

  3. Amazing! So happy for you. We knew ours was a girl. Love all the pics! Thank you Jesus for this family!