Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monthly Healthy Recipes

Hello, food lovers!

Here are this month's healthy recipes that I tried. I won't be posting a healthy recipes blog next month because I won't be home much. I'm going on a cruise with my dear friend, Emily (SO EXCITED!). Then Brad, Oopsie and I are going to visit my family in Gulfport for Christmas. Anyways, on to the recipes!
Broccoli Slaw - I just made the broccoli slaw and mixed in some Prego and veggie meatballs. Then topped with parmesan cheese.
Good eats!



  1. First of all.. congratulations!! and all the best just take care of yourself and eat more healthy stuffs.. :) :)

    if I talk about the post, I loved the Broccoli slaw

    stay blessed.. love

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