Wednesday, November 27, 2013

13 Week Pregnancy Update and Baby Bump Photos

Hey, guys!
Today I'm 13 weeks pregnant! I'm kind of confused whether I'm in the first or second trimester. Some websites say I'm in my first and some say I'm in my second. Regardless, I'll definitely be in my second by Wednesday of next week. It's crazy to think that I'm already 1/3 through with my pregnancy. My little bean is now the size of a peach and is about 2.9 inches long and weighs about 0.81 ounces.
I got to hear my little love's heartbeat on the 15th; it was beautiful! I blogged about it in my last post and uploaded the audio, in case you missed it and want to hear it.
To sum up my pregnancy this month: The nausea and extreme hunger have subsided for the most part. I still burp all the time. No more cramping. I'm still very tired, although I don't think it's nearly as bad as it was. I was a very tired person before becoming pregnant so I think I may just be back to my normal pre-pregnancy self. I'm still finding that I get out of breath very easily. I've been getting headaches a lot but I'm not sure if that's due to my pregnancy since I got them a lot before becoming pregnant. I'm not running to the bathroom as much, which is nice. My breasts haven't really been sore at all anymore. I haven't had any more acid reflux. I'm continuing to drink a lot of lemon water and am still walking a lot and eating well.
Cravings: I'm still craving carbs (I've never been much of a baked potato person but they have hit the spot for me a couple of times this month). Strawberries with some Truvia sprinkled on them. Popsicles or anything cold (I've really been into Edy's Outshine fruit bars). My biggest craving this month has been seaweed salad, which I had once but it wasn't enough to hit the spot. I really need to find some MSG-free seaweed salad. Anyone know where I could buy some?
Here are my baby bump pictures this month. You can totally see that my belly is growing if you compare it to my pre-pregnancy pictures. I'm still in the awkward stage. Hopefully by next month I will actually look pregnant and not just overweight. All of my clothes I bought pre-pregnancy fit me perfectly and I didn't give myself any room to really grow at all in them (for good reason). Therefore, my pants are all now too tight to wear. I've been wearing full-panel maternity jeans which are way too big on my belly and slide down when I wear them. And, because they are maternity jeans, I can't wear my regular shirts with them because the panel will show because my regular shirts aren't long enough. So, I'm now wearing maternity tops, too. All of that being said, I wouldn't change this awkward stage for anything. :) PS: Why are pregnancy clothes SO expensive?! Yikes.

Oh, and I got my hair cut this month. It really needed it; it feels so much healthier now. In case we're not friends on Facebook, here's a picture from the front.
Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I hope you have a blessed day with your loved ones! <3


  1. Aww you are so cute! You are going to be a great mom! Love you Amerz! So happy for you and Brad!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
    That's crazy, I had the potato craving in the first trimester! :) Throughout the rest of the pregnancy, I craved salads and sandwiches. :) Seaweed salad sounds delicious!

    My favorite place to get maternity clothes on a budget was Kohls--they have Motherhood Maternity brand clothes and marked them down graciously during sales! I got a lot of my tops and jeans there on sale, and they have held up really well.

    I definitely see a little bump there, and it's a precious look on you. :)

    1. Thanks, Jen! :)

      I've tried Kohl's but they only had a few racks. I did buy a few things there though. I just wish they had more.

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