Friday, December 16, 2011

Should I Get This Haircut?

I really wanted to let my hair grow out for a while but I'm caving in. My hair is so thick, frizzy and hard to manage (I'm thankful for my hair, though!).

It takes me a long time to blowdry and straighten and because of that I wear it up most of the time, which tends to give me headcahes. When it is shorter, I wear it down more because it doesn't take so long to blowdry and straighten and it's not so heavy. I made my appointment for 2:00 on Thursday (the day before we leave for Gulfport).

Do you think this haircut will suit me? I've never had an angled lob (long bob), so I'm a little nervous. I'm not sure it will look good with my face shape and thick hair. I'd love your opinions!
Thank you!


  1. Yes! I think it will look great! My hair is thick also, and I found the long bob super easy and quick to style.

  2. Go for it! Hair always grows back! With an angled bob you can always cut the angle out of it if you don't like it and just have a blunt bob. Have fun with your hair! :)