Wednesday, April 30, 2014

35 Week Pregnancy Update and Baby Bump Photos

Hey, everyone!

Brady is now the size of a coconut and is around 17.2-18.7 inches long and weighs around 4.2-5.8 lbs. I only have two weeks left until I'm full-term and five weeks until my due date; this pregnancy continues to just fly by for me! Hey, this might even be my last monthly pregnancy update, if he decides to come before my due date. :)

We are totally ready for Brady. His nursery is completely done (I posted pictures and such on my last post, in case you missed it), we've bought everything he could possibly need or want, we've installed his car seat and we even sold our car and bought a 2011 Ford Escape to make traveling with him, especially when going to visit our families, much easier and roomier.

So, this past month I've definitely experienced more pregnancy symptoms. I've been super sensitive to heat (although, I always have been ... it's just much more so lately) and have been sweating very easily. I'm pretty sure I have the nose of a dog: I'm always asking Brad if he smells whatever it is I'm smelling and he hardly ever does. I can still bend over and get up and down pretty easily but it's starting to get really uncomfortable. It feels like a bowling ball is pushing out against my ribs, especially on my right side.

Speaking of my right rib cage, that's where I'm always feeling his kicks. He's been head-down since 20 weeks and in my appointment Monday the midwife said he's kind of laying sideways with his feet facing my right rib cage, which would explain why I'm always feeling his kicks on my right ribs and side. Also, I've been getting a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions every day and I've been feeling abdominal pain that only lasts a few seconds or so at random times, especially when I get up or down.

My hair is growing like a weed (and is much shinier than normal), as well as my nails. I've been waking up every night with the thirst of someone who has been stranded in the desert all day. LOL. I've been keeping bottles of water on the bathroom counter and chugging during my nearly once-an-hour pee calls. I've also noticed that I'm starting to get really hungry in the middle of the night, like I was during my first trimester, but just like then, I refuse to eat in the middle of the night and force myself to fall asleep through the hunger pangs.

My nose has been extra stuffy-feeling lately. My wedding ring is starting to get REALLY tight; I could hardly get it off the other day. I was hoping I could wear it for my entire pregnancy but I'm starting to lose hope.

In the last week or so, it feels like Brady has doubled his weight and strength. I thought his movements were strong before but they are insanely strong now. I love feeling his arms, feet, legs and butt move all around. :)

The weather has been awesome the past few weeks and I've still been walking a lot. I try to go before the temps get out of the 60s or 70s each day because, like I said, I've been getting so hot and sweaty.

I was going through some of Brad and my baby photos and wanted to share some with you all. I tried to pick ones where we were around the same age with similar poses. They all go me, Brad, me, Brad, etc.


I think Brady will look like his daddy because the Moyers men have strong features in their genes. I'm hoping that he will at least have something of mine, though. Brad would like him to have my lips and forehead (my forehead isn't as big as Brad's, although I still think I have a good-sized forehead. :-P). We think he'll have blue eyes when he's born, like Brad and I did, but I think they will change to green (my favorite eye color!) or hazel (we both have hazel-green eyes). I really want him to have hair when he's born, even if it's just a little. I love baby hair; it's so soft. I think he will, though, based on our baby pictures and the fact that I have a super thick head of hair. Hopefully, he'll have the best of both of us. :-D

I love trying to picture what he will look, whose features he'll have and what they'll be, etc., but it's impossible to try to form an image in my head. One thing I am sure of, though, is that I'll think he's the most beautiful baby in the world, no matter what. <3 

Here are my baby bump pictures for the month.

 Much love,


  1. You are looking great! Your posts make me miss pregnancy. We had a hard time conceiving and although I tried to savor every moment of my pregnancy, it did go by quickly. We're praying that #2 will come more easily. Best of luck!!!

  2. Hi Amy you look great and your bump is awesome. Those picture are nice. Hope you are doing great and so much excited.


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