Saturday, July 13, 2013

NFC Video Testimonal and Commercial Work

Hiya, friends!
Yesterday I re-shot my National Fitness Center testimonial. If you read about my last experience, then you know how awful I am in front of a camera. This time was no different. Seriously, I'm a mess. Lol. Thankfully, the people I was working with laughed with me instead of getting frustrated. :) The video editor said she would make me look great; she has some work on her hands. :-P We'll see how it turns out. Of course, I'll share it with you all when I get it.
I also found out I'll be shooting my 'Nike-style' commercial on the 25th. Thankfully, it was a voiceover and I don't have to memorize anything or try to talk in front of a camera again. I recorded the voiceovers in the studio and that went pretty flawlessly. They might use them on the radio as well as in the commercial. When the commercial is all done and ready, I'll also share it with you all. I'm sure I'll write a blog about the commercial shoot, too.
Here are a few pictures Brad took on his cell yesterday (I look like a ghost because those lights are SO bright):

Have a great weekend!
Much love,


  1. My DD the Star. I'm so proud of you.

  2. Sounds like it was a fun experience! Cudos to you Amy!

    Love you,