Sunday, April 7, 2013

Color Me Rad 5k

Hey, everyone!
I ran my first 5k yesterday morning. It was the Color Me Rad 5k, which was AWESOME!
I would have told you guys that I was planning on doing it but it was a last minute sort of thing because when I went to buy my ticket two or so months ago, it had JUST sold out. Well, my friend, Cheryl, called me a few days ago told me that a friend of hers had a friend who couldn't go and that I could have her ticket. I was thrilled, to say the least!
I never thought that I'd be able to run the whole thing but I did; I didn't walk once! I ran it in exactly 35 minutes, which puts me at an 11:16 mile. Not too shabby, considering it was the first time I've ever run more than a mile (and I struggle to do that). There were so many times that I wanted to start walking but I had my whole weight-loss journey playing in my head and I was just thinking that I couldn't believe I was running a 5k; look how far I've come from that 297 lb girl who was out of breath from just walking down the street. Right before the last leg of the race, there was a very steep hill and I wanted to walk so badly because by that time my lungs were burning and my legs were aching and I was getting some rib cramps but I just kept telling myself that I'd made it this far and to keep running, and I did. I prayed before the race for God to give me strength and endurance and He did!
I will never forget yesterday. It was huge for me not just physically but mentally. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me before the race when I posted about it yesterday morning on Facebook. :)
Here are some pictures. Enjoy!
PS: Yes, I'm wearing a tutu. Everyone in our group did. Don't ask. Haha!

After the race, I helped load 9,156 pairs of shoes that Cheryl collected for orphans in Africa, Ecuador, etc. onto a semi-truck. Those bags and boxes don't look like much from the picture but there were A LOT of them and they were very heavy. Even though I was whooped, I was happy to help, especially for such a great cause. Plus, it was just extra exercise for the day! :) Needless to say, between the race and moving of all of the shoes, I can hardly move today but I'm proud of the pain! :-P


  1. Way to go, Amy! In your weight-loss journey you lost weight, but you also gained strength and confidence. I'm so happy for you!
    ~ Corenee