Thursday, January 31, 2013

Monthly Weight Loss and Pictures

Hey, Loves!
This morning I weighed-in at 163. I lost exactly 3 lbs this month and a total of 134 lbs so far.
I feel like I did really well this month. I started making eating breakfast a priority as well as eating protein after a workout. I also started lifting weights again; I missed it. I honestly think me building more muscle mass is why the scale didn't show more of a weight loss because I really stepped it up this month. However, I did hit my goal of losing 3-5 lbs a month, so that makes me happy. :)
Here are my pictures for the month:

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Woo! Sister! Look at that curvy body! Still, I am SOOO very proud of you! You are an inspiration to all who hope to accomplish their weight goals! Keep on going, sweetie!

  2. You look so good!!!! I cannot wait to look like that - You are a huge inspiration!

  3. Hi Amy

    My name is Bianca, I currently weigh 260 pounds 5'1. I've tried every diet in the book. I've been following your blog for quite some time now. How did you do it. You know exactly how I feel. My question is what's your diet? You look good...don't know you but Iam very proud of you. Good Bless :)

  4. You look amazing.
    I love the fact that you are always so cheerful and positive.
    I am a good inspiration for me to stay my healthy lifestyle.
    Keep going!

  5. Stunning!
    I just spent all morning reading your entire blog and I am very impressed! you are so beautiful and very inspirational :)
    I've started my weight-loss journey a few months ago and it feels great. You and I are very similar... I'm a nanny, fan of arts and crafts, Zumba and body pump. I will be following you forever, you are the best!
    Warm wishes :)

  6. Stacie,

    Thank you so very much! You're too sweet! I wish you the best on your journey. You can do it! :)