Monday, November 12, 2012

Disney World Itinerary

Warning: If you're not a Disney fan, this post will bore you.
My DD (if you're a huge Disney fan, then you know this means "Disney Dad") and I will be at Disney World from Nov. 26th - Dec. 3rd. I'm going to fly and he's going to drive (he lives in Gulfport, MS, so it's not too far). We're both super excited! We went in October of 2010 for four days and although we had a good time, I was miserable because I was pretty much at my heaviest then and my feet and legs were in so much pain that I could hardly walk.
We visited all four parks, one each day (and I mean the WHOLE park!); it was so rushed and we learned from our mistakes. This is our do-over trip and we plan on doing it right! We've been planning this trip for well over a year. We stayed at the Contemporary Resort last time (the one that's right next to the Magic Kingdom with the monorail running through it) and we're staying there this time, too.
Side note: In case you're wondering why it's just my DD and I going, it's because my mom and Brad have NO interest whatsoever in Disney. Party poopers! :-P
We're on the Disney deluxe dining plan which means we get three meals a day. Breakfast always consists of a buffet for us and for lunch and dinner both of us get an appetizer, entree and dessert at the restaurant of our choice (we've researched and picked the places that we want to eat and made reservations to ensure we get in). Plus, we get two snack credits a day. It's a lot of yummy food to eat but there's also a ton of walking, so they kind of even each other out. Last time I didn't gain a pound and my DD lost weight. I'm hoping it will be the same this time.
Ok, here's our itinerary (I left out some details like park times and meal times, so it's not as much to read -- plus, I doubt you care. Ha!):
Monday, Nov. 26  

Hollywood Studios

Dinner: Mama Melrose's
Tuesday, Nov. 27 

Magic Kingdom

Breakfast: Crystal Palace  
Lunch: Columbia Harbour House
Note: We're going to see if we can get into the new Be Our Guest restaurant for lunch (they don't accept reservations) and if we do, then we will go to Be Our Guest for lunch and Columbia Harbour House for dinner.
Dinner: Cosmic Ray's
Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Wednesday, Nov. 28

Animal Kingdom

Breakfast: Tusker House
Lunch: Anandapur Yak & Yeti Restaurant
Downtown Disney & Boardwalk
Dinner: Ragland Road
Thursday, Nov. 29    

Hollywood Studios

Breakfast: Chef Mickey’s      
Lunch: Sci-Fi Dine-In
Dinner: '50s Prime Time Café
Friday, Nov. 30    


Breakfast: Chef Mickey’s
Lunch: Tokyo Dining
Dinner: Les Chefs de France
Saturday, Dec. 1    


Breakfast: Chef Mickey’s
Lunch: Teppan Edo
Dinner: Tutto Italia
Sunday, Dec. 2    

Magic Kingdom

Breakfast: Crystal Palace
Lunch: Liberty Tree Tavern
Dinner: California Grill
Monday, Dec. 3

Breakfast: Chef Mickey’s

I'll post a blog sometime after I get back and I'll upload a ton of pictures to Facebook for you all to see.

Your Disney-lovin' friend,


  1. Amy, the ad for NFC was in the coupon pack in the mail yesterday!

  2. Thanks for letting me know and posting it on FB. :)