Sunday, April 15, 2012


Brad and I went to the sushi-making class yesterday that I was telling you about in a previous blog; it was fun! Brad actually tried his sushi and liked it (he took out the cucumber). We made the California roll and the shrimp roll (California roll but with shrimp). Those are probably two of my least favorite rolls (I don't care for cucumber in my sushi) but they are still delicious, I'd just prefer something else. I'm more a Philly roll (smoked salmon and cream cheese) kind of a girl. Plus, sushi just isn't sushi to me without a big heaping pile of seaweed salad and cup of eel sauce. :-P

It's nice to know how to make sushi but I doubt I'll ever make it. I get some of the best sushi I've ever had in my life (and I've had PLENTLY) once a month. I have to limit myself or I'd gain 500 pounds. It's only $10 for ALL YOU CAN EAT and they have 40 or more different kinds on the buffet. It's so fresh and there's such a variety. You can't make it for that cheap!

Here are our plates. I have to say, Brad's sushi came out better. I was in a rush because I was ready to eat mine. LOL!




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  1. my husband would LOVE this! i unfortunately am still not a fan. but i'm working on it! :)