Thursday, March 22, 2012

Florida Pictures: 2011 vs. 2012

Hey, everyone!

I arrived back home from Florida yesterday afternoon. I had a great trip but am happy to be home. I really missed Brad and Oopsie and keeping in touch with everyone. I posted tons (110 to be exact) of pictures from my trip on my FB page. You can click here to see them.

When I got home, I looked at my pictures from Florida when I went this time last year versus this year. I was pretty shocked. Here are a couple comparisons ...

These pictures are such a nice reminder of how far I've come in my weight-loss journey so far. They just motivate me to keep going that much more.

PS: Ah, I just remembered I still have my winter layout up. Hopefully I'll get a new spring blog layout up this weekend.


  1. I love the Skinny Minnie photo :-) You look like you are glowing! I am sooo happy for you!

  2. You are inspiring!!! I am on a journey of weightloss and am finding it very tiring... I have lost 25lbs to date and am starting to feel like giving up!! I started at 289, and have tried this so many times, this time I am determined to succeed! My biggest problem is eating enough or eating differnt foods.. I am bored with the same old so I just don't eat :(
    I am walking and starting to run a little and love the feeling. so far I have walked just over 7 miles at once yay me! that is a lot more then I ever thought I could do!
    Do you have any pointers you could share?? I am sure you get asked this a lot and I KNOW you hear how amazing you are, lol but you really are! You are truly an inspiration!
    Karyn watson :)