Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amy's Healthy Pizza

I really wanted a healthy pizza I could make at home. So, I experimented and I was SUPER happy with the results! :) It's super easy and super good! Wow, I just said super three times. Haha!

1 Pillsbury Pizza Crust Original
Grilled chicken (you can get the precooked Tyson grilled chicken as a shortcut, which is what I did)
Tomato (chopped up)
Fresh spinach leaves (cut into ribbons)
Buitoni Pesto with Basil
1 or 2 cloves of garlic (more or less depending on how much you like garlic, chopped very finely)
Fresh squishy cube of mozzarella (slice in chunks)
Extra virgin olive oil
Dried oregano

Press out pizza dough onto a large rectangular or circular pan (be sure to spray pan). Poke with fork and spread all of pesto and garlic all over top. Preheat oven and cook on whatever temperature Pillsbury tells you (I forget). Cook until the crust isn't doughy anymore but don't fully cook it! Then, top with spinach leaves, mozzarella, grilled chicken and tomato. Then lightly drizzle some extra virgin olive on top and sprinkle with dried oregano. Cook until cheese is melted and crust is done. Enjoy!

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