Friday, September 30, 2011

Monthly Weight Loss with Pictures

It's that time again. This month has flown by, mostly due to moving. Just like I figured, with moving and getting settled in, I only got to the gym like five or less times this month. That being said, I still managed to lose 8 lbs exactly. YAY!

Moving and getting settled in is a workout .. that number is proof. So, that's 58 lbs lost so far. Praise God! This month I have really started to notice the changes ... a lot. It's very exciting! I'm so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends supporting me on this journey. It means so much to me; thank you so much.

The Biggest Loser started again which I am very happy about. The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition motivate me so much! I can't wait for Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition to start again, too.

October is going to be another busy month. My mother-in-law is coming to visit for a week on the 10th and then on the 22-31st I'll be in Toronto, Canada for my friend's wedding. I'll have lots to blog about this month, including the house pictures I promised, which I plan on posting this weekend.

Sidenote: Brad and I saw the movie "Courageous" today and it was awesome. I highly recommend it and advise taking tissues.

Anyways, on to the pictures. :)
July -- Random fat pictures

September ...

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  1. looking good, ow ow :). You will be able to stick it to Aeropostale in no time lol. You are such an inspiration Amy! You go girl!!!

    Love, Kaile